Yuuan Gardens


What’s our purpose?

Whether your day is bright or gloomy, Yuuan Gardens offers hands-on opportunities to help you focus your energy and keep moving forward. Yuuan is a haven for people seeking refuge from the hassles of day to day life.
Ease your mind in solitude, and enjoy the beauty of nature. We, who tend to Yuuan, get in touch with nature by cultivating the gardens and growing cotton. Through these simple activities, we hope to strengthen our spirits, so, in the future, we can contribute to serving others.

Who are the gardens for?

- People who are confined to their homes, in fear of public places.
- People who want to attend school or work outside the home, but can’t.
- People who have difficulties with social interactions and relationships.
- People with low self-esteem, who believe they’re of little or no value to others.
- People who are perpetually anxious.
- People who can’t escape depression.

If you or someone you know fits this description, try visiting Yuuan Gardens for its stunning views and special goal.

Where are the gardens located?

Yuuan Gardens consists of four plots connected by a short walking course next to the Yamanobe-no-Michi hiking path in Tenri, Nara. Come to relax and admire the magnificent vistas in the tranquility of the Yamato basin. Watch the sunset behind the majestic Nijyo, Shigi, and Ikoma mountains.

Why grow cotton?

Long ago, this region, Yamato, was known for its fertile soil and abundant harvests. During the Edo Period, cotton, tea, and tobacco were grown. Rice paddies, requiring much water, were alternated annually with cotton fields to conserve water, as the area was prone to droughts. Thus, cotton was an important crop historically. The Meiji Period introduced cheaper cotton from overseas and regional cotton growth declined due to foreign competition.

I’d love to hear from you!

If you’re interested in visiting Yuuan Gardens, please write to me, in English or Japanese, at the address below:

Masayuki Umeda
777 Otogi-cho
Tenri, Nara 632-0047

or email me at  info@hamayuan.com
If you can speak Japanese, please feel free to call me at 090-5042-7775